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About SIX

The Society for International Executive Protection is a non-profit organization that supports professionals in the Executive Protection industry. Founded in 2019 by Melvin Key, who currently serves as the Chairman of the Board, the organization has grown to over 250 members worldwide and is continuously expanding.

SIX provides a platform for close protection agents to connect with other security professionals, access resources for security details, gain knowledge about the executive protection industry, expand their security businesses, and explore job opportunities. The organization's members include private, corporate, and government agents and agencies.

In addition, SIX has associate members such as international corporations, FBOs, and entertainment companies that rely on the organization to recommend agents and verify their credentials, certifications, standings, and reputation.

Organizational Ethos

Our Value System Sets Us Apart

When we organized, we adopted a value system to ensure that our members are aligned with our core beliefs and principles. This system serves as a guide for our actions and decisions and helps us to maintain a strong sense of purpose and professionalism.


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What We Do

We bring security professionals together to help them grow as individuals and security company owners.
We provide education to our members through training, seminars, webinars and conferences
We develop professional standards and best practices for the Executive Protection Industry
We create business opportunities for agents and company owners
We advocate and lobby for legislation for national protection agent licensing

Our Mission is to establish professional standards and business relations in the Executive Protection Community

Who We Represent

Sports Security

Politician Security

Oil and Gas Security

Maritime Security

Celebrity Security

Corporate Security

Let us represent you!

Six represents over 300 members worldwide and growing. Our members work in corporate security worldwide, protecting Fortune 500 to Fortune 1 companies.

We also represent members in the Sports and Entertainment, Government and Political Security, Diplomatic Security, Oil and Gas and Maritime Security industries.

We serve as an agent resource to majors corporations.

We are proud members of the following agencies and organizations

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